11 August 2009

Swimming with the Glovers

Caleb and Brittany came to visit for a while and so we went and played in our backyard Slip-n-Slide and swam in the Guadalupe River.

This is the beautiful Guadalupe River just 20 minutes north of my house. If you come and visit we can go swimming!

Brittany's mom Laura joins us for a swim!

04 May 2009

The Roses

I'm taking a nap. SHHHH!

I got to splash in the water fountain on the grounds of the Alamo when Aunt Rachel and Uncle Rose visited.

A family portrait. Don't we look cute as a family?

I get to show Aunt Rachel the finer points of Children's literature.

Easter 2009

Here I am cracking Cascarones (confetti eggs to those of you not from San Antonio) on my cousin Becca.

Even Jake the dog gets some confetti...

Here I have my Easter basket while on the hunt for eggs and surprises. I found a little bunny!

I found an egg!

02 March 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

My beautiful birthday cake courtesy of Nana. I got a little hungry and wanted to taste it so I grabbed some frosting... Hee hee hee...

Everyone is singing Happy Birthday to me!

I made a wish and blew out the candle...

My Birthday Party - Pinata Time

Here I am with Mommy as she holds me so we can hit my Hello Kitty Pinata. I started crying because I didn't want to hit my pinata.

My cousin Emily tries to swing at Hello Kitty.

So does my good friend Sammy as well. Dad does a good job with the rope.

My cousin Jason gives Hello Kitty a WHACK!

Here I am before we open my presents!

25 January 2009

21 January 2009

Me and Obama

Here I am watching history in the making...

Ok, after awhile I admit, his speech got a little boring to me so I got back to work...

02 December 2008

Halloween 2008

Here are some pics from my Halloween. I went dressed as Elmo. My cousin Jason went as the Hulk and his sister Emily was dressed as a fairy.

Training for the Olympics

We went to my cousin Sofia's birthday party. What an awesome time! She had her party at an gymnastics gymnasium. I'm training for the Olympics!